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Transfer Policy

Upflare policy on Transfer of Sponsorship of Registration Between Registrars

For each instance where a Registered Name holder wants to change its Registrar for an existing domain name (i.e., a domain name that appears in a particular top-level domain zone file), we require:

1. Express authorization to initiate the transfer process from an individual who has the apparent authority to legally bind the Registered Name holder (as reflected in the database of losing Registrar).
2. In instances when the Registrar of record is being changed simultaneously with a transfer of a domain name from one party to another, we also requires submission of appropriate authorization for the transfer.

Such authorization shall include, but not be limited to, one of the following:

1. A bilateral agreement between the parties.
2. The final determination of a binding dispute resolution body.
3. A court order.

Instances when the requested change of sponsoring Registrar may be denied include, but are not limited to:

1. Situations described in the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.
2. A pending bankruptcy of the Registered Name holder.
3. Dispute over the identity of the Registered Name holder.
4. Request to transfer sponsorship occurs within the first 60 days after the initial registration with the Registrar.
5. Domains that are registered with discounts or promotion codes can’t be transferred out from Upflare without making a renewal to Upflare with the original price that the domain has.