Terms of Service

Whois Lookup

The WHOIS service is provided by the Registrar for informational purposes only and can only be used to obtain information about the domain name and contact persons.

By using the WHOIS service, you agree that:

1. You will use the received data only for legitimate purposes.
2. You will not use the received data for any purpose which might result in unsolicited information (spam) being sent to the postal addresses, e-mail addresses, fax, or telephone numbers provided by the service.
3. You will not collect and save records of the data received from the service.

When using the WHOIS service, you are prohibited from:

1. Disseminating the received information service for commercial purposes.
2. Altering the received information and disseminating it for any purpose.

Technical limitations imposed on users of the WHOIS service:

1. A maximum of 50 requests per minute will be allowed from any given IP address.
2. Requests in excess of this limit will receive the following response:
3. Your request can not be completed at this time. Please try your request again after 30 minutes.
4. The Registrar reserves the right to remove access to the WHOIS service from users who repeatedly try to query the service in excess of the prescribed limit.
5. Users needing a higher limit may make a request to the Registrar. This request must contain: the IP address from which the requests will be made, a substantiation of the necessity of a higher limit, and a statement of the required rate limit expressed in calls per minute.